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There is a problem for men while making sex. Either for making sex with sex partner or with a girl friend, you have to use condoms. As the cost of the condoms increasing, the users are facing a great problem. If you get such a condom that is reusable and washable, how would you feel? Most probably, you did not have the idea of these kinds of sex toy. If you want to get these kinds of sex toys in Hyderabad, you have to contact the best online stores.

The use of washable condoms

  • You have to open the cover and read the entire instruction for use and clean
  • You have to roll on the condom and set it safely on the tip of the penis
  • Then, unroll the condom; it will cover up the entire penis
  • This will be perfectly set over the penis and the men who have thin penis, will be enlarged and swelled
  • You can now enjoy your sex skills with your partner
  • After completing sex, you can wash the condom and keep for further use
  • Make it dry keeping in a cool and dry place
  • You can use many times

The benefit of washable condoms  

When you will buy washable condom from the online shops of sex toys in Hyderabad, you will get a lot of benefits.

  • You do not need to buy condoms while making sex; one condom can be used at least ten to twelve times.
  • A lady sex partner will feel more swelling and lengthy penis that she used to get from the sex partner
  • The penis makes a girl feel exceptionally exciting sensation
  • The condom feels so soft and appealing for further sex
  • The man will get some extra  time to show his stamina

So, buy the best quality washable condoms from the best online shop for sex toys in Hyderabad.