The Hot Sex toys in kolkata that one can purchase

The variety of sex toys that one can have is amazing. There are various kinds of sex toys; some can be used by male, some by the females and some by both sexes.

The purpose of sex toys is also varied. They can be used to have a prompt erection, to correctly stimulate the female genitals or even to have an environment to have variation in sex. It can also be used to aid a person with difficulty to have sexual satisfaction. It can be used to have a new experience in sex and to enhance the sexual vitality in a relationship.

Let us see some of the Hot Sex toys in kolkata that we can have and use them for varied purposes.

The vibrating sex toys

Probably this is the most popular kind of sex toys that are found. They are generally called vibrators and can be used to stimulate the clitoris or any other sex organ of a female or of a man.

The most common of this variety of Sex toys kolkata are pencil shaped. They have a battery which runs a motor. The movement of the motor is left as a vibration. The vibration can be controlled and different kind of sexual stimulation can be had using this kind of sex toy. One can also have more modern varieties like the butterfly stimulators and the penis ring.

Sensation changing sex toys

If one wants to change the feel of sex then one can use the sensation changing sex toys. This nature of Sex toys in Guwahati changes the entire sensation that one has during having sex. Like the different penis sleeves offer varied kind of sexual pleasure to both partners when they are having an intimate sex. The penis extenders give the male partner greater sexual pleasure during having sex. The PVC and Polyurethane bed covers offer a special means of having a slippery and messy sex.

Hot Sex toys in kolkata

Sex Toys in West Bengal

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